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About Nicole

Nicole’s unique selling point is her energy and the fact that she is clear and concise in her approach and not intimidated by the challenge of whom she coaches. The advantage of the coaching style is to hone in on the clients issues to rapidly pinpoint the necessary areas required to focus on to reach the client’s goal.

As many coaching clients have noted “You are in it with your heart and feel you really want me to evolve".

Combined with an innate discretion this has positioned Nicole as a leading coach empathizing with people of all levels to recognize the blocks to their self-empowerment. Un-channeled blocks become detrimental. Nicole’s special talent of motivation and communication with all, regardless of their I.Q., social or financial levels produces rapid and measurable results for clients who seriously want to manifest a new reality in their goals whether this is reflected in the lifestyle or business and career domains.

Nicole’s coaching methods are ideal for all goals and solution driven clients from sports individuals and teams through to the boardroom and its members.


Initially Nicole discovered a passion for organizing events while working for the UK Charity ‘Action Research for the Crippled Child.’   She subsequently started her own event planning company in 1982 and in 1986 followed with two successful party stores in Chelsea & Knightsbridge. 

From childhood Nicole has been a competitive skier and rider and in 1993 when Nicole closed her business she went on to follow her dream and devote herself for the next 14 years to her passion sport ‘Polo’.  Playing in competitions internationally she was among the world’s leading women polo players.  Nicole met many athletes during these years, and gained an acute insight to the benefits of mentally focusing techniques which helped her and her teams reach numerous finals.

After a serious polo accident Nicole discovered the strength and potential of the focused mind and the physical results which healthy focused minds produce. This awoke Nicole’s interest to a whole new sector of investigation in to the stimulus of the subconscious mind.  Quickly understanding the numerable benefits she focused all her energies on applicable modalities for self-development and empowerment and began coaching professionally after obtaining inspiring results with friends and family for a number of years.

Over time Nicole has sustained and nurtured her increasing clientele base. She gives motivational and educational talks at public and private events.  

Contact Details :



Whatsapp call: +33(0)618 01903

Skype: nmpetschek/ Nicole Petschek

Current Professional qualifications: Accredited/Certified in:

•  The Coaching Academy / ASCTH International Coach Federation ‘PERSONAL COACHING’

•  The Coaching Academy / The International Coach Federation ‘EXECUTIVE & CORPORATE PROFESSIONAL COACHING’

•  N.L.P accreditation certified by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

•  Practitioner certification in Hypnotherapy

•  Practitioner certification in Time-Line therapy

•  ACMOS antenna course in Naturopathy

•  ACMOS Bio energetics program 

•  Trinfinity 8 practitioner. Quantum frequencies reprogramming the vibrations of cells. 

•  Member Institute of Coaching Professional Association, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate


Bilingual English and French, Conversational German and Italian

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