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Brain Retrain



(Re-edit your subconscious blue print)


Your reality is the result of your SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts, and NOT of your CONSCIOUS thoughts. 

The method to accomplishing your goals is in the approach you undertake to re-program your subconscious thought patterns. 


You will learn how to implement, kinesiology, energy medicine and the ground breaking tool of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique a.k.a. ‘Tapping’. Once your brain and your body are trained into the default habit of identifying your buried blocks and accessing your ability to develop the necessary strengths & qualities, you will be thinking, feeling and acting coherently for reaching success in any and all areas of your focus. 



To ensure that you have 24/7 access to your personal NLP coach & EFT therapist Nicole Petschek only takes 8 private clients per month.


The “Brain Re Train” program is conducted over a 14-week period which is broken down into 3 categories.


Following is just a small indication of where life changing results are obtained:

Anxiety/ PTSD/ physical pain management / addictions of all sorts/ sports performance/ complete resolution of childhood traumas / good quality of personal relationships/ …... and much more. 



Part 1

Approx. 8 hours of one on one instructional class on how the bodies thought mechanisms operate and the results on our physiology and external reality.

This brings together modern psychology proven scientifically and ancient medicine.  


Nicole will not only talk you through all the exercises that you will be required to do in order to retrain your brain, but you will undertake all the exercises in detail to ensure that you have mastered the necessary degree of refinement required to auto transmit your reprogramming effectively during the next 6 weeks of the program.

Depending on the client’s ability to sustain focus, this part is normally carried out over 3 to 4 days.


Part 2

The 2nd part of the program lasts for 6 weeks.

• During which time the client is required to dedicate approximately 40 minutes a day broken down into 4 periods to do the exercises they have learnt in part 1.

• This 6-week period includes 3 private sessions of 1 hour with the coach either by phone, Skype or in person. This is the client’s private time to discuss existing or developing issues, questions or concepts that they might have related to the exercises in question. Nicole will also be guiding you through the program during these sessions.


Part 3

The 3rd part of the program is dedicated to the development of the “Imagination Muscle” 3 times a week the client and coach will have a 30 minute, Skype or phone session during which you will develop the mental faculties necessary for a vivid and focused imagination. Furthermore, muscle testing and EFT sessions are routinely integrated. 



The full program includes private coaching and feedback, homework and assessments.

24/7 telephone and email access to Nicole. Since the biggest transformations happen through repetition and trauma moments, as a private client, Nicole is always at hand on the phone, Skype, WhatsApp or email. You are always personally supported. 


€3,980.00 + Not including travel and accommodation 


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