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Corporate Diamond Package


Inspiring & shaping decisional cultures of organizations to improve performance and create added value.

1.Coaching Through Evolution

· Think “CHANGE” instead of changing the bandage! Replace ‘ILOGICAL to LOGICAL’

· Change is a given in this fast-changing world where successful organizations need to be at the forefront of changes in the marketplace by specifically planning a strategy for change.

· During and after my coaching through evolution, teams learn how to cope and deal with transition. This keeps corporate teams on board and working together; while being trained to delete danger zones as high emotional stress, overwhelm, brain-fog, burnout, and understandable concerns about career aspirations, downgrading of skills, and the ability to manage in a changing corporate environment.

2.Coaching Through Dispute Resolution

· Disputes escalate fast, leaving a disabling hostile atmosphere; costing the organization not only money but also good will and cohesive energy.  The personal cost to individuals can be far reaching, causing anxiety and health related problems.

· Coaching to resolution supplies the mental & emotional reprogramming tools that allow disruption & disputes to be dealt with productively. Resulting in measurable damage control. It makes a significant difference to productivity and personal fulfillment. 

Corporate group support includes:

· My guidance and tools enable you to “See” & ‘Feel’ your issues & goals from a fresh “point of view” which automatically produces new solutions.

· Corporate coaching identifies the values of plans and procedure clarity.

· Step by step tools of inner energy and guidance identify possible minefields ahead and correct mindsets to implement strategic and measurable solutions. 

Corporate individual support includes:

· Adapting and overcoming stress/challenges associated with a new job, work responsibilities, or promotion.

· Tools and competencies which uphold performance and increase your talents and competencies.

· The ability to manage uncomfortable and or difficult situations at all levels of a company.

· EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique lessons and support sessions.

€ 10,000.00 not including travel and accommodation:

· Initial 2-day Workshop

· 1 Day recap every 3 months

· Unlimited questions and emails with a qualified answer guaranteed within 48 hours. Skype and Telephone support. guidance & clarifications especially in ‘emergency or traumatic’ moments.

· Individual coaching / guidance/ support/ where needed at a vastly reduced rate off 50% from the list price for those who are part of the group.

· Maximum 20 people per group.

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