Nicole Petschek Coaching

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Corporate Diamond Package

365 Days Corporate Coaching Package and Support.

1.Coaching Through Evolution

THINK “ CHANGE” instead of changing the bandage!

Change is a given in this fast-changing world, and successful organizations need to be at the forefront of changes in the marketplace by specifically planning a strategy for change.

During and after my coaching through evolution, employees learn how to cope and deal with any transition, and this keeps corporate teams on board and working together; and thereby avoids such danger zones as high emotional stress, feelings of being out of control, and understandable concerns about career aspirations, downgrading of skills, and the ability to manage in a changing

corporate environment.

2.Coaching Through Dispute Resolution

Disputes can escalate fast, leaving a disabling hostile atmosphere in a company, costing the organization not only money but also good will and cohesive energy.  The personal cost to individuals can be far reaching, causing anxiety and healthrelated

problems. Coaching to resolution not only gets that dispute out of the way, it also makes a significant difference to productivity and personal fulfilment. Corporate group support includes:

• Guidance and tools to enable you to “See” your issue or your goal from a fresh “point of view” Which automatically produces new solutions.

• Corporate coaching helps you to identify the values of your plan and to put everything into perspective.

• Then step by step tools and guidance allow to identify the possible minefields ahead and to be prepared with implementable solutions.

  Corporate individual support includes:

• Adapting and overcoming any stress or challenges associated with a new job, work responsibilities, or promotion.

• Tools and competencies which uphold performance and increase your talents and competencies.

• The ability to manage uncomfortable and or difficult situations or people management.

The above all include:

• Initial 2 day workshop

•1 Day recap every 3 months

• Unlimited questions and emails with a qualified answer guaranteed within 48 hours

• Individual coaching / guidance/ support/ where needed at a vastly reduced rate off 50% from the list price for   those who are part of the group.

• Maximum 20 people per group.