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Corporate Testimonials

Accenture. / Peter Johnston Former Head of Global Resourcing, UK

Subsequent to negative trends in my department’s turnover and profits, I decided to approach my work targets from a new view point. Nicole Petschek’s reputation as a successful neuro-linguistic goals coach made her an obvious choice. After the full day course her ‘24/7 Hands- on’ support package proved invaluable in making certain that my ‘NEW’ way of thinking became naturally embedded and my Divisions subsequent results showed a distinct positive trend.

I highly recommend Nicole Petschek. Her quick and sensitive grasp of a situation allows her to find the positive aspects which she combines with a tremendous positive energy while she coaches her clients successfully to their targets.


Baker & Harrison / Bavaria-Germany

Highly recommended, we called on Nicole Petschek for coaching after a 2 year period of stagnation in revenue. Six weeks after we started being coached, the first shifts were clearly perceptible, and during the further course of the year and the last quarter in particular; a most remarkable, sound uptrend was noticeable. In the course of the following months a number of aims and sales targets that had been set in the previous year were not only clearly attained, but exceeded by a wide measure. I would have never regarded that as possible only a few years back before my coaching with Nicole.

I am now looking forward to embarking on another round of corporate coaching with Nicole; in particular her package called “Coaching through evolution” and am looking forward to the excellent results we have achieved with her previous coaching package.

HRH Prince de Yougoslavie
From working in a fund management office in NYC, I became a professional photographer in Europe enjoying my passion.

Nicole’s  series of 'new mind set tools' and her supportive role  as a brain trainer, allowed me to discover and develop my passion for photography professionally.

‘International Business Solutions’/ London-UK

I have been working with Nicole for over two years as my life and business coach. I am continually tasked with finding answers for often sizable and complex problems.  Nicole has taught me a number of vital and invaluable disciplines in respect to both my social and business behaviour, which have proved to be extremely beneficial to


Her method of coaching is innovative and focused on the individual student’s goals, which she helps in formulating. I can, from successful personal experience, recommend Nicole as a terrific life and business coach.

Diligence - Global Business Intelligence

Thanks to Nicole Petschek’s astute coaching technique and work modality, combined with an astute grasp of business requirements; we worked successfully to achieve the results of our defined linear target within a 3 months period.

ETH Zurich -  Dr.A.Sauron

Due to my stress levels I was finding it very difficult to implement the necessary time – management required to finish an important pedagogical project. I had heard about corporate coaching and even though I had never been coached before I did some research on it, and other colleagues referred Nicole Petschek to me. 

I chose her “Rapid Results” coaching package, which produced excellent results for me. 

Nicole’s personality and her coaching module are the two assets which within 3 months drove me to a successful outcome by implementing her solution orientated methodology. 

Parallel to the coaching, Nicole suggested 3 sessions per week of Trinfinity 8 , a Bio-Energetic stress reduction aide which she is trained in to help dissolve my stress levels and occasional anxiety crisis’s. In a short period of time, I was able to sleep again deeply at night and had found a calming inner peace. 

During these 3 months, Nicole coached me in her personal and uniquely challenging style yet she was always there to support me. 

I am delighted with the measurable results of my evolution. 


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