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E.F.T. Two Hour Package


  • E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Technique is a results proven tool of Energy Psychology.
  • Everyone benefits from E.F.T. And everyone can do it. There is no” wrong “way of using EFT.
  • A two hour personalised self -tapping package addressing your specific issues.

Accomplish immediate release of emotional stress of grief and loss, divorce and break-ups, painful memories, abusive childhoods, and other difficult times which manifest in either one or more ways by acute emotional, mental or physical symptoms.

Nicole’s down to earth approach to what is called the “ Cousin of Acupuncture” will enable you to delete your known and unknown sabotage behaviours and thought patterns which manifest emotional and physical pain as well as creating energy blocks to your success.

By releasing the intensity of the negative charge due to the emotional, mental or physical pain you can anchor the belief of your desired positive emotion.

Delete the negative and embrace success in any sector of your life.

EFT works by combining ‘talking’ while ‘tapping’ on specific points on the skin, to unblock the meridians energy. All experiences, whether real or imagined stimulate, dopamine, adrenaline cortisol and serotonin which are created by the automatic thought patterns of our limbic brain in conjunction with the amygdala. Get to the core of the belief which is keeping you stuck in automatic behaviours. Release to replace with empowering beliefs and actions allowing what you want to flow into your life.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain,; rapidly become a thing of the past.

Today’s science clearly shows that levels of stress hormones in the blood, such as, cortisol, are significantly lower after an EFT session.

EFT balances the lack or excess of chemicals and hormones in your brain and body.

The coaching package includes the following:

  • 1 hour of private session during which you learn to self-express with clarity in a non – judgemental space your pains, worries, and anxieties,              whether they are emotional, mental or physical.
  • You will be shown and taught the correct tapping sequences.
  • Learn how to instantly create verbal scripts specific to your issues.
  • 6 ‘on demand’ phone, or skype interventions during which Nicole will guide you through your issue with the correct wording as you tap along on        the phone or on skype and instantaneously release your negative emotional charge.

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