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E.F.T. Two Hour Package


‘Also known as TAPPING’

-  E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Technique is a self-help results proven and scientifically backed Energy Psychology tool which rapidly reduces more often than not totally deletes and removes the unknown and unidentified causes which contribute to all physical symptoms.


-  Everyone benefits from E.F.T. And everyone can do it. There is no” wrong “way of using EFT.

-  A two-hour personalized self -tapping package addressing your specific issues.


Accomplish immediate release of emotional stress of grief and loss, divorce and break-ups, painful memories, abusive childhoods, and other difficult times which manifest in either one or more ways by acute emotional, mental or physical symptoms.

Nicole’s down to earth approach to what is called the “Cousin of Acupuncture” will enable you to delete your known and unknown sabotage behaviors and thought patterns which manifest emotional and physical pain as well as creating energy blocks to your success.

By releasing the intensity of the negative charge due to the emotional, mental or physical pain you can anchor the belief of your desired positive emotion.

"Delete the negative and embrace success in any sector of your life."


EFT works by combining ‘talking’ while ‘tapping’ on specific points on the skin, to unblock the meridians energy. All experiences, whether real or imagined stimulate, dopamine, adrenaline cortisol and serotonin which are created by the automatic thought patterns of our limbic brain in conjunction with the amygdala. Get to the core of the belief which is keeping you stuck in automatic behaviors. Release to replace with empowering beliefs and actions allowing what you want to flow into your life.


Depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, erectile dysfunction, addictions and many more rapidly become a thing of the past.

Today’s science clearly shows that levels of stress hormones in the blood, such as, cortisol, are significantly lower after an EFT session.

EFT balances the lack or excess of chemicals and hormones in your brain and body.



Option 1 :

-  1 hour of private session during which you learn to self-express with clarity in a non – judgmental space your pains, worries, and anxieties, whether they are emotional, mental or physical.

-  You will be shown and taught the correct tapping sequences.

-  Learn how to instantly create verbal scripts specific to your issues. 

-  6 ‘on demand’ phone or skype interventions during which Nicole will guide you through your issue with the correct wording as you tap along on the phone or on skype and instantaneously release your negative emotional charge.

Price €240.00

Option 2:

Over the course of 6 weeks you will learn how to identify the nuances of implementing the technique of tapping on 9 easily accessible acupressure points. This activates an electric message that travels through your body via meridians which connect to your body tissues and neutralizes the toxic frequencies which create the blocks and resistance needed by the mind and body to ensure ease, good health and success. 

-  3 private sessions of 30 minutes each per week via Skype so that we can both see each other, allows us to work like if we were in the same room. 

-  The in-depth personal assistance, guidance and support allows you to fully implement EFT Emotional Freedom Technique as a self-healing method used by doctors, nurses, psychologists who are themselves trained and accredited.

-  By using EFT intensely and repeatedly over 6 weeks your body, brain and mind will automatically get retrained to erase all painful emotions in minutes as well as painful physical symptoms. 

-  Chronic suffering becomes a thing of the past as you engage in the scientifically proven practice of proactively healing and deleting the toxic frequencies of past buried abuses, pains and disappointments.

-  The combined action of tapping and talking reduces cortisol and immediately enhances the immunity system.

-  EFT can be used for behavioral therapy and to overwrite limiting habits and patterns which are blocking your potential to optimal performance in all areas of your life. 

-  Learn how to revise and rewire your beliefs. This impacts directly on your reality. 

-  On demand emergency short interventions 24/7.

-  Price: €1,000 (travel and accommodation are not included) 

-  In person or over Skype

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