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G.R.O.W Workshop

This 4-hour workshop is designed to familiarize yourself with proven success strategies which deliver excellence in the Corporate world and the Sports Arena.


Nicole Petschek's solution orientated workshop accelerates results and equips you and/or your organization with the expertise to deal with urgent agendas to change, grow and perform at peak state efficiently.


The G.R.O.W. model promises measurable results to motivated individuals looking for a tool to support them as they discover their hidden potential to set & reach new goals as you embark on the journey to guaranteed success over the long term.

 - Thought-provoking questions - practical tools and interactive exercises deliver the required clarity needed to create a lasting impact on your work method having a powerful impact on the bottom line of all targets / goals.

  -  Become your own ‘thinking partner’ with proven strategies which build problem solving skills to develop self-reliance & self-confidence.

  -  Identify what you do differently when…… (self-knowledge is quantum power)

  -  Keeping your eye on the goal or the ball becomes your default mode. 



Creating a solution orientated culture has many positive long-term effects with a powerful impact on the business’ bottom line. The G.R.O.W. Coaching Workshop is delivered in a choice of the above formats and facilitated by Nicole Petschek at a location of your choice. Nicole will customize all workshops to suit your specific issues.




Nicole Petschek delivers her GROW workshop in various formats:

-  As a day - clinic to 20 people maximum:           € 1,000.00 (inc VAT)

-  One 2 One 4-hour workshop                              € 480.00    (inc VAT)

*All prices are excluding travel & accommodation.

 All ‘one on one’ workshops are easily undertaken via Skype.

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