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The Reason for Using Groundology

In the last hundred or so years we have lost something vital for our health and wellbeing. Our electrical connection to the Earth. With the advent of rubber and plastic soled shoes, and insulating mattresses in insulating houses, we spend our days and nights disconnected from the Earth.

If we walk barefoot in the grass or on a beach for a while we feel the benefits of regaining this connection, and yet in our modern lives it is not always practical to do so. There is a very physical and scientifically verifiable reason why we feel better when we do this.  The Earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. Without a connection to this reservoir, the cells in our body are unable to balance the positive charge which results from things like electron-deficient free radicals. The effect of excess positive charge in the blood can be seen very clearly by the way in which the cells are attracted to clump together.

There are various things we can do to balance this electron-deficiency, such as anti-oxidant rich foods and drinking living water. What has been largely overlooked until recently is receiving free electrons from the Earth.

It's such a simple thing and yet the effect can be so profound, fortunately there are new technologies which can provide this electrical connection to the Earth in a convenient and practical way.

We have the solutions; our product range reflects the different options available to you so that you can reconnect to the Earth.

How Blood Cells Change After Using Groundology

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