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Personal Testimonials

September 2019

Carlina M

I approached Nicole Petschek through the recommendation of a mutual friend.  I must admit  that I had high doubts in regards to a life coach helping me and my four children .  In the past years , my children and I had gone through a deteriorating  and toxic relationship  due to various external factors that influenced our internal nuclei and risked destroying it.   I decided to start a three-month coaching via video conferencing phone and occasional one on one counseling.   The changes that Nicole brought on my way to handle, listen and respond to my children were clearly evident very quickly.  The negative emotions and our tendency to hold on to them slowly was slowly transformed into positiveness.   I can not say it was easy and that we as a family did not rebel against Nicole.  However today we would not be as united as we are today if it was not for her coaching .    We were so happy of the results we are actually going back as a family for another stint of coaching to learn more positive tools to become positive thinkers!!!!!! 

January 2019 
Michel Bourbonniere

Working  with Nicole has improved my quality of life.  She has coached me, enabled me and given me confidence to overcome my personal issues.  Her courses cover a lot of information.  They are delivered in a manner that makes it easy to follow and understand her principles and philosophy.  Her structure is clear, logical, and effective. However,  this goes deeper than simply knowledge. Through her interactions she easily and quickly focuses on the heart of the  issues that can affect one's quality of life.  And this is achieved through an amazing human warmth that touches you in a healing manner. I not only recommend her services, but I encourage and urge others to follow her unique program.

Michel Bourbonniere
Lawyer, (space law) Professor and author

August 2018

Egor Kouterigin 


Key Account Manager

"It was a great pleasure for me to have received coaching sessions from Nicole Petschek.  

I took Nicole’s 3 month ‘Brain Retrain’ program thanks to which I got useful content and support, and have developed new skills which are already helping me to increase the quality of my daily life.

The main result for me are the skills to create and properly manage my short, mid and long term focus.

Nicole was always at hand , backing me in my transformation, explaining, supporting and helping me to move forward.

We accomplished a big job during our daily sessions for 3  consecutive months.

Definitely she is committed for her clients' results.

Nicole, thank you very much for all the coaching you gave me !

All the best for you and your clients"

Kristine Offut
Ibiza Spain .Property Manager  by day-  DJ by night.
December 2016

Listen to a wonderful testimonial providing an idea as to the change in your life the coaching of Nicole Petschek can achieve.  

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Prince Michel de Yougoslavie   


I want to thank Nicole Petschek for her coaching ability and tools which led me to adapt a pro-active and productive set of mental strategies.

Photography had been an unidentified dormant hobby of mine which has now transformed into an almost full time activity and passion resulting in stunning material for successful photographic exhibitions with two more planned on the horizon.

Thank you Nicole!

From Roberto Rauty Entrepreneur ( Monte Carlo Monaco)


If you know what you want and how to reach your goal, having an external support is not wasting money or time, whilst the opposite.

Nicole Petschek has born to be a coach. This job is absolutely natural, like breathing, for her. She is a wave of energy that pushes you in the right direction  The method she teaches is absolutely useful for any entrepreneur or manager.


It was a time -saver and a worthwhile investment to have Nicole give me the correct coaching as her support was invaluable in reaching my target.

Nicole Petschek was born to coach. She is a natural at coaching; it comes to her intuitively like breathing. She is a wave of energy and empathy which enables her to transmit a positive set of tools and mental techniques which are vital for any entrepreneur or manager.

Michael von Braun Nagel - Director , BIA Investor Relations

Nicole’s unique international background as a successful business woman and polo player gives her the requisite empathy to make ‘Vita Yours’ goals coaching meaningful. Her convincing passionate presentation have certainly helped me!

Carole Fraser London - UK / Entrepreneur.

I was feeling apprehensive toward life in general, not least of all, I was starting a new business venture and had to deal with some very stressful decisions. Then I engaged with Nicole and now I feel fantastic, my confidence levels in every aspect of my life have improved.

I am coping with the day to day running of my business with pleasure and 'gusto'. Nicole and I worked on all the areas of my life that were emotionally 'blocked' and I couldn't recommend her enough

Simon Alani Trieste- Italy Actor

Nicole made me aware to what extent my thoughts influenced my life and then taught me easy but effective methods how to reprogram my subconscious thoughts. Her enormous positive energy is contagious every time we have had a Skype session.  Thanks to her coaching I can now see that my life and my future are only down to the mode in which I think today. Our sessions have measurably resulted in my life being more involved, interesting and emotionally charged.

I wanted to add that over and above our coaching sessions Nicole has the rare gift of ‘humor’ and is gifted with a deep sense of human empathy.

Mr. S. Oscar Gothenburg –Sweden Marketing Manager

Nicole’s perceptive questions guided me so that I could see where to make pertinent changes .She taught me how to self –release anxieties.

Her astute insight into my personal issue allowed me to address the situation with a new approach resulting in instantaneous respectful interactions with my business relationships.

I am happy to recommend Nicole Petschek as a personal and business results coach. Nicole is an excellent ‘results provoking coach’. I reached my goal.

Michelle S.  - Real Estate agent Cannes. France

I met Nicole in 2013. During the 14 weeks of her “Brain Re-Train” coaching program she shadowed and mirrored me non-stop. The development of my conscious awareness, fueled by my determination to reach my goals resulted in rapid and positive results. I learnt how to apply mental strategies which now allow me to see everything from a new view point. I am now in the driving seat .I have become the master of my own thoughts and  have come to realize how the way I perceive events is now positive. 

Nicole . what a coach!


June 2015 ALEX FORMISANO Junior Professional Tennis Player


My name is Alexandre Formisano and I am seventeen years old. I am living in Florida and I am a tennis player since 6 years now, and i started to have pain in my back, more exactly at L4 and L5 in the lower back. So I decided to meet Nicole Petschek who teached me about the EFT. She first said that I must learn to fully embrace the pain, by moving into it, instead of away from it. And then we started the session which lasted 20minutes. And magically, I woke up the day after without any pain.

I am very thankful to Nicole because now I can start again to practice at a high level.

Thank you.

Alexandre Formisano.

Knees -  Ines Saler

This is to testify the amazing effect I experienced, and continue to experience, after a treatment with EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.

In April this year, I had fallen and injured my left knee.

Since then, I had difficulties when kneeling, and experienced a sharp, stabbing pain especially when the weather was changing.

On June 9th, 2010, Nicole Petschek practiced EFT on me.

She explained the technique, and we went through it once.

Next morning, I was absolutely pain free and continue to be to this day:

I did not have to repeat the technique once since then!

I appreciate this very much.

I am glad Nicole Petschek introduced me to EFT and think that it is a very powerful way to achieve physical and emotional relief.

Ines Saler

Bergsonstr. 65

D-81245 München

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