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Rapid Results



This is the perfect “Goal Accomplishing” and brain implementation package to G.R.O.W.

It allows the client to proceed from the starting point to the end goal, in a methodical, calm and focused working approach. Each 30-minute session is broken down for the client to clearly identify the next stepping stone towards their overall goal.


The client will be led to be aware of everything that they require and the pros of cons of doing so in a realistic and timely manner.


• 36 sessions spread over 3 months, either in person or over some form of Video Conferencing.

• Unlimited email questions, answers and support.


You will work on one of your real goals. Your brain will be conditioned to think by default through the sequence of studied questions and strategies which all are designed and proven to deliver excellence in the goal you are aiming to achieve regardless of the sector. From weight loss to the bottom-line results needed in business as well as a gold medal podium and team sports.

The G.R.O.W. Rapid Results training program is ideally suited for goal directed areas in sports and business. 

3 weekly one on one sessions 30 minutes when you are guided through the mental and emotional steps of identifying and carrying out the next chunked down stepping-stone leading to your ultimate end goal. 

The ‘self-awareness’ questions through which you are guided enable you to find out and identify for yourself what shifts or changes in your mind and /or body when you are in fail or success mode. We all have to learn how to navigate both modes. 

You will benefit from the training that defines your hidden ‘obstacles’ and ‘options’.

Price: €2,160.00 (not including travel and accommodation) Sessions are via Skype or Zoom

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