Nicole Petschek Coaching

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Shadow Coaching



You will benefit from the personal, executive and corporate coaching support of a coach versed in business / public speaking / leadership / team-building.  

The fact that you get immediate personalized feed-back in real-time allows you to process & implement helpful & necessary changes at a faster speed delivering improved measurable results. 

Redefine your interaction in corporate politics / politics & networking. 



Shadow coaching can be compared to mirror work from the coachee’s point of view. We do not see ourselves as others perceive us and mostly, we do not project what we think we do.


Before all meetings/public speaking events/ etc. Nicole will ensure that you are mentally and emotionally prepared. Body work, speech cadence, dress codes, etiquette.


You will benefit from objective non-judgmental observations  of your verbal intonations, body language, dress code, social norms, table manners & business & social etiquette  so that you can fast-track your improvement to deflect what is blocking you and to develop helpful & positive emerging aspects of your personality and interactions with your public.


Shadow Coaching is not a traditional method to reaching a goal. Nicole Petschek will assist in identifying what you don’t see in situ to remove possible roadblocks as well as empowering the release of your untapped talents.


Enjoy the real-time benefits and advantages having your highly trained NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) coach since you want to enjoy a greater quality of life and attain higher success benchmarks. Everyone is ‘extraordinary’. It is about time that you release your qualities to experience and live enriching and fulfilling moments, situations and goals.


A big part of the coaching is dedicated to the importance of your projection and intention.  The quality of your life improves greatly when you learn how to identify and diffuse your triggers.


Shadow Coaching is only offered to clients who have done substantial self-development work either with other reputable coaches or with Nicole herself. There has to be a deep-seated need for self-improvement and self-empowerment for shadow coaching to be effective.


Cost: €8,000 for 4 months. (not including travel & accommodation) 

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