Nicole Petschek Coaching

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Shadow Coaching

The benefits of shadow coaching give the client 24/7 access to the coach for emergency and spontaneous needs to discuss all issues. It gives the client the opportunity to:

The executive and corporate coaching support of a coach versed in business, by assisting you to process change at a faster speed. Redefine your interaction in company politics & networking. Shadow coaching is mostly aimed at specific targets where what you are coached on has to stick. Nicole will observe your actions and body language to help you acknowledge what is developing inside and where to deflect or develop an emerging aspect of the clients personality.

Shadow Coaching is not a traditional method to reaching a goal. Nicole Petschek will assist in identifying what you don’t see in situ to remove possible roadblocks as well as empowering the release of your untapped talents.

The advantages of a trained NLP coach for all who want to enjoy a greater quality of life and attain higher success benchmarks. Nicole Petschek will work with the client in thought and language patterns and the identification of implementable strategies designed to develop increased quality of options and choice.

Trinfinty 8 remote sessions of support to meditation are an ‘Assist to mental re-patterning’ by delivering mathematically coded vibrations for auto repair and rejuvenation to the DNA. This metaphysical method aims to help in the path of least resistance to achieve an interconnection of clarity and peace of mind, balance of energies and good health of the body and a nurturing vibrancy for the spirit.

Shadow Coaching is only offered to clients who have done substantial self-development work either with other reputable coaches or with Nicole herself. There needs to be a deep seated need for self-improvement and self-empowerment for shadow coaching to be effective.


The cost is €1000.00 per month for a minimum of 4 months. (All travel and accommodation where needed are extra)  Total cost  €4000.00