Nicole Petschek Coaching

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TRIO Personality

The aim of this private workshops is to allow you to discover three different inner aspects of  your personality.

By clarifying one's often unexamined and unknown limiting and enabling beliefs your inner values will automatically unveil possible sectors which allow to discover either your best suited  academic direction or career sector. This is necessary to give a deep and fulfilling meaning to your life. 

"When we do what we are born to do, we do it well."
This 4 hour workshop followed by 4 weeks of personal 30 minutes private  sessions are designed as an entry level approach to anyone beginning on the road of self-improvement and self-empowerment.
Cost                                                                                             Euros 500.00 

        Great energy!  With clear and direct exercises. 

            An excellent day . My future seems present!                                                         P. S. E. Monaco